Thursday, February 10, 2011

By-Laws of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library Board of Trustees

Article I Name and Authority

Section 1.1 Name.
The name of this board is the Board of Trustees of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library, hereinafter referred to as "the board" and "the library".

Section 1.2 Authority
The board exists and operates by virtue of the Indiana Public Library Law of 1947 and assumes its powers and responsibilities under Indiana Code ("I.C.") 36-12

Article II Membership

Section 2.1 Status
The application, appointment, term, and removal of members of the board is in accordance with Indiana statute. Board appointees must reside in the library taxing district and must have resided in the district for at least two (2) years before being appointed to the board.

The board shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the following authorities:

three (3) by the North Daviess School Board
one (1) by the Daviess County Board of Commissioners
one (1) by the Daviess County Council
one (1) by the Odon Town Council
one (1) by the Madison Township Board

Section 2.2 Compensation
Members of the board serve without compensation in accordance with law and, with the exception of the treasurer, may not be a paid employee of the library

Section 2.3 Term.
The term of a member is four (4) years. However, a member may continue to serve until his successor is qualified as provided by law. Members of the board may not serve more than four consecutive terms of four years each for a total of sixteen (16) years. If a member is replaced mid-term, the new member shall fill out the rest of the term for that appointment. That partial term shall be counted as the first of the four allowed terms.

The terms of the seven (7) board members are as follows:

1. Appointed by North Daviess School Board -- term ends in 2011
2. Appointed by North Daviess School Board -- term ends in 2012
3. Appointed by North Daviess School Board -- term ends in 2013
4. Appointed by Daviess County Board of Commissioners -- term ends in 2012
5. Appointed by Daviess County Council -- term ends in 2014
6. Appointed by Odon Town Council -- term ends in 2014
7. Appointed by Madison Township Board -- term ends in 2011

Article III Meetings

Section 3.1 Regular Meetings
Regular meetings of the board are held monthly at the library. Meetings shall be publicized at least one week prior to the meeting.

Section 3.2 Open Meetings
All meetings of the board, except executive sessions, are subject to the Indiana Open Door Law (I.C. 5-14-1.5) and are open to the public.

Section 3.3 Quorum
Four members of the board constitute a quorum at each board meeting. When a quorum is present at any meeting, the vote of a plurality of the members present shall decide any question brought before such meeting.

Article IV Officers

Section 4.1 Officers
Officers of the board are president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

Section 4.2 Election of officers
The officers shall be chosen annually at the regular January meeting. Each officer shall hold office until his or her successor shall be duly chosen and qualified. Vacancies in office shall be filled at the next regular meeting of the board after the vacancy occurs.

Section 4.3 Duties of President
The president presides at all board meetings.

Section 4.4 Duties of the Vice-President
The vice-president presides over meetings in the absence of the president and shall become president should a vacancy occur in the office between elections.

Sections 4.5 Duties of Secretary.
The secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate minutes are recorded at each board meeting and filed in a timely fashion with the permanent records of the library.

Sections 4.6 Duties of the Treasurer
The treasurer oversees the financial activities of the library to ensure that adequate financial records are kept and that accurate and timely financial reports are delivered to the board. Only the treasurer is authorized to sign checks.

Article V Responsibilities

Section 5.1 Duties of the Board
The board shall:

a. govern and set written policy for the library.

b. employ a competent and qualified library director to carry out its policies.

c. plan for the future of the library to meet the needs of the community.

d. monitor and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the library.

e. act as an advocate for the library in the community.

f. monitor financial affairs of the library by discussing and approving the proposed annual budget, studying monthly financial reports, and approving all claims lawfully incurred on behalf of the library.

g. set salaries and job descriptions for staff members.

Aritcle VI Director

Section 6.1. Certification
The director of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library shall possess an Indiana Library Certification IV or above.

Section 6.2. Duties
The director shall:

a. be responsible for the administration and management of the library.

b. implement all policies adopted by the board with responsibility for supervising personnel and recommending such policies and procedures that will promote and improve library services.

c. attend all board meetings and prepare an agenda and monthly circulation and financial reports.

d. prepare an annual budget for the board's approval.

e. be knowledgeable about library laws.

f. participate in continuing professional education opportunities.

Article VII Amendments

These by-laws may be amended at any regular meetings of the library board of trustees with a quorum present, by majority vote of the members present.

(Last revision date: 10 February 2011)