Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Observations

Hey there and thanks for stopping by.  In doing some updates to the web page, it seemed like it would be nice to take advantage of our blog format and share some news from time to time.  Nothing big, just some thoughts.

Have you seen "The Help" yet?  The movie is just about to go out for circulation at the library.  The book, however, is the BIG news!  We now own three copies of it -- two donated and one purchased.  We purchased a copy this fall just so we could keep it in Odon for six months -- standard "protection" for new items in the library catalog.  The copy donated to us in early 2010 got picked up by another library a few months ago and has been in such demand we haven't seen it since.  It's very unusual for an older title to be so popular.  We managed to snag a copy from another library so our wait list at Odon isn't too long, but the 200+ copies in Evergreen Indiana certainly aren't spending much time on the shelf.  It's nice to see a book doing so well.

Anyway, I'll try to share some happenings at the library now and then.  Hope you enjoy them!


(Marsha Lynn, Library Director)