Friday, February 17, 2012

Did you know many ebooks are available on the internet for no cost?  For example, Project Gutenberg is a digital library with, according to Wikipedia, over 38,000 works available, mostly public domain.

Many people, however, are interested in more current ebooks and the library is working on making such books available.  The Friends of the Library have pledged $500 toward the effort.  The library board has approved using $500 from the library budget.  That leaves $500 needed to get into the ebook business.  This is where you can help.  It's a great opportunity to combine community resources to benefit all.  If you can donate even a small amount toward our ebook drive, we would greatly appreciate it.  Once we join the Overdrive consortium, we will have access to not only the ebooks we purchase for Odon but also to the thousands already contributed to the collection by the other 60 libraries involved.