Saturday, May 19, 2012

Xbox Policy

The Odon Winkelpleck Public Library offers access to the Xbox game as part of the library's commitment to providing access to developing technology and to encourage community events at the library.

The Xbox Kinect Game Console will primarily be used for library-sponsored programs. However, any group with a responsible adult sponsor may request special permission to use the equipment. All users of the library’s Xbox Kinect game must abide by this policy.

A library staff member or responsible adult will be present to supervise all game sessions. Sharing the game will be the responsibility of the participants in consultation with the supervisor. The library will schedule regular open sessions when the game equipment will be accessible. Those desiring additional sessions may submit a request to the library staff.

Game users are allowed to bring their own games only if they are appropriate for all audiences. The library staff will assess the game based on personal knowledge, ratings, and reviews.

Users are invited to provide input on additional games for the library to acquire.

Approved 12/8/2011