Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Use Policy
Odon Winkelpleck Public Library
Approved 8/15/2013

As a community service, the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library makes its meeting room available for use by not-for-profit community groups when not being used for library-related activities. The meeting room is available to the public for civic, cultural, or educational programs or meetings. Trade or professional associations are interpreted to be educational groups. The use of the library's meeting room is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as applicable library policies.

The meeting room is not available for for-profit programs and organizations. Meetings that promote, advertise, or lead directly or indirectly to the sale of products or services are not permitted.

The use of library facilities does not imply endorsements of the beliefs or program of an organization by the library or anyone connected with the library. All publicity and/or media coverage for events in the library, whatever the source, must be approved by the library director prior to issuance or coverage. The library may only be mentioned as a location, not as the sponsor of an event or as the headquarters of an organization, in all announcements or publicity related to a meeting room event.

The library will provide tables and chairs for use by groups using the meeting room. Each group is required to set up tables and chairs for its meeting and is required to return these items to their original position at the conclusion of the meeting. Other equipment, such as the television and game console, may be available upon request.

The library is not responsible for any food served. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the library.

The library director, or a designated representative, is authorized to order the termination of any meeting or activity making use of the library facility in violation of any law or use regulation. The determination by said library official is final. The library director, or designated representative, is authorized to call upon appropriate law enforcement agencies to enforce such action, if, in the opinion of the library official, circumstances warrant such an action.

The library is not responsible for the safeguarding of any supplies, equipment, or other item owned by the applicant or by person attending the applicant's activity. The library will not store materials for any applicant. Items left in the library will be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of in accordance with standard practice.

This policy may be revised by the vote of a majority of the library board.