Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Updated By-Laws

By-Laws of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library Board of Trustees

(approved 20 March 2003
(last revision 9 February 2016)

Article I Name and Authority

Section 1.1 Name.
The name of this board is the Board of Trustees of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library, hereinafter referred to as "the board" and "the library".

Section 1.2 Authority
The board exists and operates by virtue of the Indiana Public Library Law of 1947 and assumes its powers and responsibilities under Indiana Code ("I.C.") 36-12

Article II Membership

Section 2.1 Status
The application, appointment, term, and removal of members of the board is in accordance with Indiana statute. Board appointees must reside in the library taxing district and must have resided in the district for at least two (2) years before being appointed to the board.

The board shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the following authorities:

three (3) by the North Daviess School Board
one (1) by the Daviess County Board of Commissioners
one (1) by the Daviess County Council
one (1) by the Odon Town Council
one (1) by the Madison Township Board

Section 2.2 Compensation
Members of the board serve without compensation in accordance with law and, with the exception of the treasurer, may not be a paid employee of the library

Section 2.3 Term.
The term of a member is four (4) years. However, a member may continue to serve until his successor is qualified as provided by law. Members of the board may not serve more than four consecutive terms of four years each for a total of sixteen (16) years. If a member is replaced mid-term, the new member shall fill out the rest of the term for that appointment. That partial term shall be counted as the first of the four allowed terms. At the completion of four terms, one full term (four years) must pass before a former member may be reappointed.

The terms of the seven (7) board members are as follows:

1. Appointed by North Daviess School Board -- term ends in 2016
2. Appointed by North Daviess School Board -- term ends in 2017
3. Appointed by North Daviess School Board -- term ends in 2019
4. Appointed by Daviess County Board of Commissioners -- term ends in 2016
5. Appointed by Daviess County Council -- term ends in 2018
6. Appointed by Odon Town Council -- term ends in 2018
7. Appointed by Madison Township Board -- term ends in 2019

Article III Meetings

Section 3.1 Regular Meetings
Regular meetings of the board are held monthly at the library. Meetings shall be publicized at least one week prior to the meeting. If a quorum is not available for the regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the meeting shall be rescheduled and the new date announced at the regular meeting time.

Section 3.2 Open MeetingsAll meetings of the board, except executive sessions, are subject to the Indiana Open Door Law (I.C. 5-14-1.5) and are open to the public.

Section 3.3 Quorum
Four members of the board constitute a quorum at each board meeting. When a quorum is present at any meeting, the vote of a plurality of the members present shall decide any question brought before such meeting.

Article IV Officers

Section 4.1 Officers
Officers of the board are president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

Section 4.2 Election of officers
The officers shall be chosen annually at the regular January meeting. Each officer shall hold office until his or her successor shall be duly chosen and qualified. Vacancies in office shall be filled at the next regular meeting of the board after the vacancy occurs.

Section 4.3 Duties of President
The president presides at all board meetings.

Section 4.4 Duties of the Vice-President
The vice-president presides over meetings in the absence of the president and shall become president should a vacancy occur in the office between elections.

Sections 4.5 Duties of Secretary.
The secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate minutes are recorded at each board meeting and filed in a timely fashion with the permanent records of the library.

Sections 4.6 Duties of the Treasurer
The treasurer oversees the financial activities of the library to ensure that adequate financial records are kept and that accurate and timely financial reports are delivered to the board. Only the treasurer is authorized to sign checks.

Article V Responsibilities

Section 5.1 Duties of the Board
The board shall:

a. govern and set written policy for the library.

b. employ a competent and qualified library director to carry out its policies.

c. plan for the future of the library to meet the needs of the community.

d. monitor and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the library.

e. act as an advocate for the library in the community.

f. monitor financial affairs of the library by discussing and approving the proposed annual budget, studying monthly financial reports, and approving all claims lawfully incurred on behalf of the library.

g. set salaries and job descriptions for staff members.

Article VI Director

Section 6.1. Certification
The director of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library shall possess an Indiana Library Certification IV or above.

Section 6.2. Duties
The director shall:

a. be responsible for the administration and management of the library.

b. implement all policies adopted by the board with responsibility for supervising personnel and recommending such policies and procedures that will promote and improve library services.

c. attend all board meetings and prepare an agenda and monthly circulation and financial reports.

d. prepare an annual budget for the board's approval.

e. be knowledgeable about library laws.

f. participate in continuing professional education opportunities.

Article VII Ethics, Nepotism, and Conflict of Interest

Section 7.1 General Ethics
Board members shall consistently uphold the highest ethical standards while serving the library. Honesty and integrity will be expected in all situations. Board members shall avoid situations in which personal interests might be served or financial benefits gained at the expense of library users, colleagues, or the institution.

Section 7.2 Nepotism
Nepotism, as defined by IC 36-12-20.2, is prohibited at the library. If a relative of a Board member or current staff member is interested in a position with the Library, that person should apply through standard channels and will receive no special consideration. No staff member shall be in a supervisory position over a relative. A relative is defined by the law as a spouse, parent, stepparent, child, stepchild, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, daughter-in-law or son-in-law.

Section 7.3 Conflict of Interest
Board members will declare any conflict of interest between their personal life and their position on the library board and avoid voting on issues that appear to be a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest statement, as prescribed by law, shall be filed when a board member may be perceived as gaining personal benefit from a board decision.

Article VIII Amendments

These by-laws may be amended at any regular meetings of the library board of trustees with a quorum present, by majority vote of the members present.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Technology Play 2014-17

Technology Plan
Odon Winkelpleck Public Library
for July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017
adopted 3/13/2014

A. Introduction – Mission Statement
The Odon Winkelpleck Public Library seeks to expand the horizons of the North Daviess Community by providing literary, cultural, and informational resources to all. As a tax-supported organization, all activities of the library are motivated by the idea of public service. Technological advances are changing the nature of that service. Much information that previously was available only in print form is now readily accessible via electronic resources. The library provides public access to this information and support for those seeking it.
B. Current Technology Conditions
The library is privileged to be part of the Evergreen Indiana consortium, making the collection available to a wider community. This service has been underwritten by federal funds to-date, but is expected to incur cost to the library in the near future. The proposed cost of $500 per year is included in this plan.
The library continues to procure and maintain computer systems for public use.
The following equipment is available for patron use, having been purchased with grant funds:
Hard Drive
Date acquired
HP ProBook 4525s
Windows 7 Pro, SP1, 32-bit
AMD Athlon II P340 Dual-Core, 2.2 GHz
280 GB
2 GB
HP thin client w/HP MS6000
Windows Server 2008 R2
Intel Core 2
500 GB
6 GB
Dell Latitude E5500
Windows 7
Intel Core 2
80 GB
2 GB
HP G71-449WM
Windows 7
Intel Pentium Dual Core
320 GB
4 GB
Windows 2000
Intel Pentium
40 GB
128 MB

Other grant-purchased equipment
    1. One HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer (7/2011, $405)
    2. One Epson Perfection V500 Scanner (7/2011, $178)
    3. One HP Deskjet 4100 laser printer (2001)
    4. One 267 MHz Pentium desktop computer with 64 MB RAM and 4.0 GB hard drive running Windows ME. (1998?) – currently offline.
      Additional computer equipment available for public use:
      Hard Drive
      Date acquired
      Dell Optiplex 755 (refurbished) - “Dixon”
      Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1, 32-bit
      Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @ 2.33 GHz
      250 GB
      2 GB
      HP Pavilion a1424n - “Madison”
      Windows XP Home Edition
      Intel Pentium 4
      240 GB
      512 MB
      Additional computer equipment for staff use for circulation and cataloging tasks include:
Hard Drive
Date acquired
eMachine - “Clark”
Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1, 64-bit
AMD E-350 APU, 1.6 GHz
450 GB
4 GB
eMachine EL 1300G-02W (“Mitchell”)
Windows XP Home Edition SP3
AMD Athlon 2650e
160 GB
1 GB
Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 - “Verne”
Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2
AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core,
250 GB
3 GB

Currently offline:
Emachine (Truman)

Windows Vista
AMD Athlon 64
160 GB
1 GB

Dell (“Cooper”)
Windows XP Home Edition
Intel Pentium 3 (2.4 GHz)
36 GB
512 MB

Other techonology equipment for staff and patron use (fee charged for patron use):
    1. One Epson Workforce 545 color printer/copier/scanner (purchased 8/4/2012, $89)
    2. One television (purchased by Friends of the Library 6/2011, $506)
    3. One Brother IntelliFAX 2820 (purchased by Friends of the Library)
    4. One Sharp AR-M237 copier (purchased in 2004)
    5. One MultiSeal 252 large lamintor.
    6. One small laminator (purchased in 2001)
In addition, the library has several older donated computers and other equipment, including a system running Linux and hosting the library webpage.
  1. Goals and Objectives:
The library board developed a long-range plan in early 2014 which includes technology education. The following goal from that plan reflects a community need for technology education:
    The library facilitates exposure to new and existing technology for all ages.
      a. host computer classes
        (1) The library offers at least one (1) computer class per year.
        (2) At least one (1) volunteer or “extra help” participant is asked to work at each class.
      b. offer one-on-one help with personal technology devices
        (1) Library staff will be familiar with at least one (1) personal technology device such as a smart phone or ereader.
        (2) At least five (5) one-on-one sessions will be conducted each year.
      c. collect materials offering help with technology
        (1) At least five (5) technology-related books or magazine titles are added to the collection each year during the duration of this plan.
        (2) The library promotes technology-related material at least one (1) time each year.
    Resources required:
      1. Staff time
      1. Materials budget – $150 per year
      1. Volunteers/”extra help” workers

With increasing availability of electronic devices through the local school system, the library is seeing more patron-owned equipment being used. This is decreasing the demand for library-owned equipment while increasing bandwidth demands. The library will seek to maintain or increase the current equipment count and replace aging equipment as necessary during the duration of this plan. Bandwidth use will be monitored and increased as necessary to meet demand.

    Opportunities will be sought for staff training both in-house and in other settings. A goal has been set to provide at least one technology training session per quarter for each staff member for the duration of this plan.
    Budget Category
    Funding Source
    Goal: Facilitate public access to electronic resources

    Objective: Maintain the number of computer stations available to the public at twelve to fourteen by upgrading or replacing aging equipment as necessary.
    Equipment, mainte
    Operating and gift funds
    Objective: Provide sufficient connectivity to meet demand
    E-rate/state internet grant
    Obective: Familiarize staff with various resources available by offering at least one training session per quarter.
    Professional development
    Operating fund
    Objective: Collect material offering help with technology
    Operating fund
    Objective: Retain membership in the Evergreen Indiana consortium
    Operating fund
    Total required funding


Updated Purchasing Policy

Public Purchasing Policy
Approved 2/11/04
Last revised 1/12/2016

The Board of Trustees of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library has established this Purchasing Policy to govern the purchase of goods and supplies for the Library.

1. State and Federal Laws 

All purchases will be made within the legal requirements of the laws of the State of Indiana and of the United States.
2. Small Purchase Policy
  1. If the library expects the purchase to be less than $50,000, a small purchase, the purchase may be made without soliciting bids or proposals.
  2. In making purchases of less than $50,000 the following guidelines shall be followed: 
    • The library shall compare prices from as many responsible suppliers of the goods or services required as is practical, and shall purchase from that supplier where total costs are lowest, when quality and timeliness of delivery are comparable.
    • Preferences will be given to products manufactured in the United States.
    • Preferences will be given to purchasing from Daviess County businesses when total cost, quality and timeliness of delivery are comparable.
    • Purchases will not be artificially divided so as to constitute a "small purchase."
  3. The Director is authorized to establish charge accounts with businesses from which the library will make purchases on a continuing basis. Library employees who may make purchases using the established charge accounts shall include the Director, the Assistant Librarian, and the Janitor.
  4. Any purchase for more than $50 shall have the prior approval of the Director.
  5. Purchases of books, magazines, pamphlets, films, filmstrips, microfilms, slides, transparencies, phonodiscs, phonotapes, models, art reproductions, and all other forms of library and audiovisual materials (including DVDs and VHS tapes) are exempt from the restrictions of this policy in accordance with IC 36-12-3-16.
  6. The Director is authorized to establish a petty cash fund for incidental purchases. Library employees who make purchases greater than $10 must have prior approval of the Director.
  7. If the library expects the purchase to be more than $50,000 but less than $150,000, the library shall solicit quotes from three or more vendors known to provide the goods or services required, as specified in IC 5-22-8-3.
3. Requests for Proposals and Competitive Bidding 

If the library expects the purchase to exceed $150,000, the library shall prepare Requests for Proposals as specified in IC 5-22-9 or follow the competitive bidding procedures as specified in IC 5-22-7, except for those conditions which allow for special purchasing methods as defined in IC 5-22-10.

4. Purchases from the Department of Corrections 

As required by IC 5-22-11, the library shall purchase from the Department of Corrections when the supplies and/or services: can be furnished in a timely manner, meet the specifications and needs of the Library, and can be purchased at a fair market value.

5. Purchases from the Rehabilitation Center 

As required by IC 5-22-12, the library shall purchase from the Rehabilitation Center under the same conditions as articles produced by the Department of Corrections.

6. Purchases from Qualified Nonprofit Agencies for persons with Severe Disabilities 

As required by IC 5-22-13, the library shall purchase from Qualified Nonprofit Agencies for Persons with Severe Disabilities under the same conditions as articles produced by the Department of Correction.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Updated Investment Policy

Investment Policy
Odon Winkelpleck Public Library
(Approved 2/9/2005)
(Revised 1/12/2016)

The duly appointed members of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library Board of trustees are the fiscal body of the library and thus constitute "The Board of Finance" of the Odon Winkelpleck Public Library. The members serve without compensation.

The Odon Winkelpleck Public Library Board of Finance shall meet annually after the first Monday and on or before the last day of January to elect a president and secretary, review the written report of the library's investments during the previous calendar year, and review the library's investment policy.

The Odon Winkelpleck Public Library will invest in:

  • Any security backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Treasury or fully guaranteed by the United States; and issued by the United States Treasury, a federal agency, or a federal instrumentality, or a federal government sponsored enterprise.
  • Deposit accounts issued or offered by a financial institution approved as a depository for public funds in the state of Indiana.
  • Agreements commonly known as repurchase or resale agreements with depositories designated by the State Board of Finance as depositories for state investments.
The Odon Winkelpleck Public Library will not purchase securities on margin nor will it open a securities margin account for the investment of library funds.

Investments must have a stated final maturity of not more than two years after the date of purchase or entry into a repurchase agreement. Interest on investments will not be added automatically to the investment. Instead, interest on investments should be paid to the library at each maturity date and posted to the appropriate fund.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Goodreads, Overdrive, and Mark Twain

By Marsha Lynn, Library Director

Today I finished The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. I started it months ago as an audio book borrowed from the library through Overdrive after our tour guide in Israel mentioned it. Being a long-time Mark Twain fan, it was obviously a good choice for follow-up reading after the trip. Unfortunately, for some forgotten reason, I didn't quite finish listening to it before the generous three-week loan period ended. And I couldn't renew it because someone else had a hold on it. “No problem,” I thought. Since the book was published in 1869, it's in the public domain, I went to the Gutenberg project and picked it up as an ebook from there. After all, I was 90% done. How hard could it be to finish?

I love audio books. They allow me to multi task more effectively than ever before. I download the files from Overdrive to my pocket-sized iPod Touch and stick in earbuds while I garden or cook or do any number of other tasks that require little thought. Or I listen while driving. Ebooks, on the other hand, require focused attention. And they reside on a device that offers any number of alternative reading choices, with new material arriving hourly via blogs and various forms of social media. The ebook was on my smart phone and languished there forgotten.

Enter Goodreads – social media for readers. If you are a reader and don't have an account, you need to go to right now and sign up. It's a wonderful way to keep track of what books you have read and find recommendations.

At the beginning of the year, Goodreads encouraged everyone to set a goal for the number of books they would complete in a year. I set my goal at 40, something less than a book a week, and promptly forgot about it. However, my daughter is my friend on Goodreads and noted that I was lagging behind on my progress toward my goal. So I threw in a few new picture books I had read upon receipt at the library and noticed on my “currently-reading” list on Goodreads that I was almost done with The Innocents Abroad.

And there I had it. The ebook at my fingertips, just a few pages between me and adding another adult-level book to my reading list for the year, and a deadline. That's what I needed to plow through the visit to Egypt by Twain and his fellow travelers and back across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to New York. I have now completed my 40 books for the year and am pleased to have added another worthwhile classic to my reading history.

It's great to have so many options for reading -- print books, ebooks, audio books.  Print on paper or on an electronic device.  Reading words on a page or listening to professional readers.  And all available either free on the internet or with my library card.

So how do you read?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

History of Odon

Follow the link to access a pdf version of the book History of Odon, published in 1981 by the Odon Business Men's Association.

History of Odon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Updated Computer/Internet Policy

Computer/Internet Policy
Approved by the Board of Trustees
Odon Winkelpleck Public Library
June 12, 2003
(Revised 8/11/2015)

Computers supporting the Library Mission: The Odon Winkelpleck Public Library seeks to expand the horizons of the North Daviess Community by providing literary, cultural, and informational resources to all. Computers play an important role in research and recreational reading in today’s world. They provide free access to information sources that are not within the scope of the library’s budget. Sharing access costs among the taxpayers of the community to provide equal access to all community members furthers the library’s mission in the community. Therefore, the library seeks to provide free computer and internet access to patrons.

Who may use the computers: Computer access is offered to all library visitors. Patrons under 18 must have a parental consent form on file in order to access the internet. Young children must demonstrate computer competency and respect for the computer equipment in order to have access to local games and software. Because the library’s computer resources are not unlimited, sign-up sheets are maintained in order to provide access to as many people as possible. All users must sign in at the circulation desk. The sign-in sheet includes an agreement to use the computers in accordance with library policy. This policy is available upon request.

Regulations for general computer use:

1. Patrons are expected to use the computers in a manner that does not disturb those around them and does not damage the computers in any way. Patrons using the computers and the parents or guardians of users under the age of eighteen will be responsible to the library for any damage caused to the computer equipment through deliberate destruction or misuse of the computers.

2. Patrons should have basic computer skills. (Ask about computer training at the circulation desk.)

3. Modifications to the computer (downloading new programs, changing the wallpaper, adding or deleting icons) are not allowed and may result in suspension of computer privileges. Any downloads or user files must be saved to user-owned storage devices rather than the library hard drives unless specific exceptions have been made by the library staff.

4. No more than two persons may use a computer together.

5. Computers left unattended for more than ten (10) minutes will be available to other users.

6. Printing is available for a fee. Color printing is also available by request.

7. Library computer resources or personal devices used at the library should not be used for unethical or illegal activity, such as accessing the accounts of others, interfering with the free flow of internet information, sending “hate mail,” or violating copyright or other laws.

Regulations for internet access:

  1. Patrons under 18 must have a parental consent form on file at the library to access the internet.

  1. In keeping with the public nature of the library computers, all sites viewed should be appropriate for all ages. Internet access using the library connection is filtered, however no filtering system is perfect. Patrons accessing objectionable sites may lose their computer privileges. In the event that the filter is blocking legitimate sites, it can be temporarily disabled at the discretion of the library staff.

  1. Creating an e-mail account is the responsibility of the individual user through web-based services such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google. The library does not provide e-mail accounts for public users.

4. Unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors is prohibited.

5. Patrons should be aware that the internet is a world of its own, totally beyond the control of the library. Information found there may be valuable or useless, accurate or erroneous, objective or strongly biased to the point of being offensive. What looks like well-researched information may be cleverly-disguised marketing. The library takes no responsibility for the quality of information found on the internet. Patrons are encouraged to be good information consumers, carefully evaluating the validity of the websites they visit.

Consequences for abusive conduct or violating the terms of this policy:

The library is the sole arbiter of what constitutes abusive conduct or violation of its policies.

1. First offense will result in a warning and a reminder of the computer policy.

2. Second offense will result in a [1]one-month suspension of computer privileges.

3. Third offense will result in six months or more suspension of computer privileges, at the discretion of the library staff.


This document will be reviewed annually by the library board.

(Last revised 8/11/2015)